Friday, April 5, 2013

A tired but happy 5 for Friday

I'm tired but the first week back from break has been so nice. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the kiddos, maybe we needed a week to reset. It's probably all of the above. :)

Here you week in review. :D

1. I've gabbed so much about it but
We reviewed addition strategies on Monday and on Tuesday I introduced my double digit (to 40 w/o regrouping) page. #SlamDunk

We will start the same thing with subtraction soon so I'll be making a companion worksheet.
just really wanted to use my app

Double Digit Addition Song

2. Spring Break writing
I was very hands off with this writing assignment. I had them work on it a bit each day during Daily 5  4.  I suggested ways to make it longer. I'm really happy with how well they did.

And this kid is just really good at drawing. He's still 6 and a pretty good writer, too. 

3. A new take on April Showers
I saw this great worksheet on Pinterest (you can find it here at First Grade Fever)

We read the book and talked about what we'd like it to rain. We filled in the writing prompt and drew what it would look like if it really happened. They got creative!
humongous pancakes

We also made paper plate umbrellas (so we wouldn't get food on ourselves!) but our food landed on them!

chocolate chip cookies

chocolate donuts
chicken pot pie

4. TV!
There are so many great spring shows coming back. I'm so excited. Game of Thrones came back Sunday! (It's on the DVR, no spoilers pls--I already did some FB avoidance, lol)

5. My parent celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary!
Love them!

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Unknown said...

I plan to do that same writing sheet for Cloudy with a Chance! I love the idea of the umbrella craft and the food lands on it! Stealing it!!! Thanks for sharing!

Molly said...

Love your weather activities!

Lucky to Be in First

Holly said...

The umbrellas with the food on them...CUTE!!!!!

What app is it that showed the movement? Cool!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Jennifer said...

OMG-I LOOOOOVE Game of Thrones! Obsessed!

Rowdy in First Grade

Unknown said...

Love the paper plate umbrellas!
First Grade Blue SKies

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