Friday, November 27, 2020

Christmas-Themed Seesaw Math Activities

Some schools are F2F, some are virtual, and some are hybrid. Things are changing day by day. I don't know whether to make copies, break out the glitter, or get a ring light for Zoom teaching. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I truly don't know how to prepare. 

Something that actually occupies my mind and hands is creating Seesaw activities. It's quite time consuming because you have to insert each picture one at a time and I often have to remove backgrounds. I do really enjoy it though. 

Rather than reinvent the wheel I took one of my old products and decided to 2020 it! No, that doesn't mean ruin it, lol. I make it a digital Seesaw activity. I'm letting you know the printable was much easier but it's a good thing my tech skills have also improved over the years. So here it is--Christmas-Themed Seesaw Math Activities!


Video Previews of 2 of the Activities: 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Yep, more Seesaw...but Google Slides, too! #Freebie

 I'm on fall break. Here in Indiana half of my fall break was summer weather and the other half was just plain rainy and chilly. If you've never been to the midwest this is very typical. We can have multiple seasons in one week...or even one day. I will say the foliage was beautiful This is one of the trees on the primary playground at school. A week ago it was mostly green. This picture does not do it justice! I love watching this tree change every year. 

I also used my fall break to something VERY VERY important! I voted. It was extra special to me because this year is the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote! I exercised my right and am thankful for all the women that made it possible for me. 

If you voted show some love in the comments! You do not need to share your personal vote or political beliefs but I love to see other women using their voice. 

I also had some family time with the nephew. He's on fall break, too. We took the time to hang out and make s'mores and watch Hocus Pocus.....twice, lol. He even was my guinea pig for some Seesaw lessons but he loved it. That's what you get though when your aunt is a teacher. 

I also did what many teachers do....I did something 'bad'.....I did something we don't always speak of....I did something that I just felt like I needed to do.....

I. Went. To. School. Over. Break. 

There. I said it. I feel better now! I didn't feel like staying on Friday. I was pooped! So I took some time to go in earlier in the week. I kind of like it though. I get the copier all to myself. I can play my Pandora stations without worrying about underage ears hearing something they shouldn't or my co-workers hearing it go from my 90s rap to country music in a matter of minutes...and I just get a lot done. It was very productive. No regrets!

As I've mentioned in some previous posts, I think, we do OG at my school. It's a great phonics program to work on phonics and fluency. This is the second year I've done it and with the pandemic 'shutdown' I didn't make it as far as I would've like...but I'm really good at those first 100 lessons or so, lol. I'll share another post about OG, resources, and how we implement it for our virtual students. 

When we return from break we will be focusing on the 'H-Brothers' and talking about when to use c and k. We make an anchor chart in class and practice it. 

I decided to make a Seesaw activity for extra practice to reinforce the lesson. There is a video and a word sort for them to do. We use Seesaw in K-2 for our LMS and Grades 3-4 use Google Classroom for now. I made the Seesaw activity and I'm pretty sure the Google Slide will work just as well for those that use GC. 

It's a freebie. I'd appreciate you saving or sharing this on Pinterest or whatever avenue you use to share things you like. I am adding it to the Seesaw community library but they aren't currently approving new activities because they've had an overwhelming number of members/schools joining and are still rolling out updates. I expect that they'll start approving assignments very soon but I still want to share in the meantime. 

Click here to go to TpT to download the freebie. The download has a link for Seesaw and GC. 

Monday, October 12, 2020

Seesaw Medial Vowel Sorts

 I'm absolutely loving Seesaw. I'm total fangirl, lol. We just finished up our last short vowel in OG (Orton Gillingham). We will continue to review them but after fall break we are going to introduce the H Brothers. OG is all about being fair and not assigning passages or assignments where the content hasn't been covered in OG. It is now 'fair' to assign them tasks with all 5 short vowels. 

Enter the short vowel sorts on Seesaw! We still do paper/pencil activities and cutting and gluing but it has been cut back this year with the Seesaw for School purchase and Covid. It's still important to get those motor skill activities in but most of my centers are not digital activities in Seesaw. It also works well when I get a student that has to isolate or quarantine (unfortunate reality). I don't personally have any virtual students (100 % every day that is) but there are those in my district on the first grade team that do. So, we do a lot of group planning. It's been phenomenal to have the time to collaborate and share ideas. 

I plan on using these for a reading station activity (I'll be posting how I do stations in Seesaw soon) or as a morning work type activity. 

If you get these you can "Copy and Edit" and add different directions or record audio where you read the words. 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

More Seesaw! Subtilizing Tens Frames Game

I'm bringing ya another Seesaw freebie. I have a new co-teacher. She's primarily taught kindergarten and she was moved up to first grade this year. In a way it's perfect because when school abruptly turned on a dime in March many kids stopped growing academically. While I 100% safety comes first I'm seeing a big difference in my beginning of the year firsties. She knows the kids and exactly where they left off so it's been helpful to me. 

While it's been helpful to me and she's a great teacher and knows what the kids need it's a new atmosphere for her. Kindergarten has its own challenges and perks and way of life in a way. I know I couldn't go down to kindergarten even though it's just one year. If you're in education you see the difference. I have great respect for anyone that can "wrangle" 20 five year olds of so many different levels. 

She was talking to me about a game she'd played or thought she saw or thought she had. She said she wanted to do Tens Frame Bingo but couldn't find it online or saved in her files. Normally this would be a very beginning of the year fun review activity for me but I can truly see that some of my students need to subtilize quicker.. We don't quite have the automaticity I'm used to when it comes to seeing tens frames and knowing, dice and knowing, dominoes, or even fingers. Struggle bus!

So I created this for one of our review lessons next week and shared it with her. I've decided to share it as a freebie with you as well. There are two levels for differentiated instruction and I've included a .pdf with the printable tens frames for the teacher to use to call out numbers or for print and practice. 

I plan on making more BINGO type games. I've also created some Battleship Games that look very similar but they aren't whole/small group they're done with partners. 

Here is a quick video preview of the Tens Frame BINGO game and below it you'll find a link to download. 

It says processing but it's totally ready.