Monday, September 21, 2020

Seesaw & Google Battleship games AND a freebie!!

So after making the sight word game I was in the flow and decided to make some math fact versions. I made +0s -- +10s. Woot! Woot! 

I am very excited to try them in the class. Again, honesty here--we had a phased in approach so I haven't had my whole class for too long and we are 100% moving slower and doing a lot of review and number sense activities. Normally, we are knee-deep in addition by now. So I can probably do the +0s and +1s comfortably with the group but I'm going to wait to roll it out.

I will say they are getting pretty darn good at Seesaw. 

Oh, and did I mention I also have the Google Slides!?
Google Slides PNG Logo Free Download - Free Transparent PNG Logos
 Seesaw - Terra Vista Elementary

As promised I have a freebie for ya! This is the doubles to 10 (10 +10) game board. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

More Seesaw!!! Battle of the Ships Sight Word Game

 So I will be very truthful and tell you the idea for this game came from an IG post I took a screenshot of and emailed myself. I found the picture that was buried in my Photo Album and wanted to make a full-fledged multi-page activity out of it. 

This game is available as a Seesaw Activity, Google Slide, or just a plan 'ol pdf. The video preview above is in Seesaw. It was the first format I tried this in and it's the LMS of my school. 

Students move their ship to a place and take turns reading sight words to guess where the ship is 'hidden'. There are 14 different "boards". I used Fry's 100 sight words. Toward the middle/end I started adding more boxes and cycling back to other words that I feel needed more practice. 

Click Here to check it out on TpT

Saturday, September 12, 2020

I made my Math Journals 2020 friendly!!!

 So, a few years ago I created 4 math journals based on Math in Focus, The Singapore Approach. I made these as extra practice to remediate and spiral review the math skills that were taught during math time. As I look back at these I see how far I've come in creating content, lol. However, they remain one of my #BestSellers. I am thankful that math is math and these are skills that need to be practiced no matter what year it is.

That being said I have converted them all to Seesaw Activities! Right now they are not in Google form, I may work on that later but we use Seesaw so I wanted to convert them to the platform I use. For the most part you'll find the EXACT math problems from the classic journals. 

Check them out. I've made preview videos for each journal set--I've just found it's easier to preview Seesaw assignments when you're seeing a product in Seesaw. 

                                                                SET 2     (Video Description)

                                                           SET 3 (Pt 1 & 2)     (Video Description)

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Friends of 10 (Part-Part-Whole)

 So with the world in chaos but school expected to go on like it's sunshine and roses we are all learning to give instruction in new ways. My school has been using Seesaw in K-1 for a few years but the freebie version. This year our district paid for Seesaw for Schools and we are ecstatic! I've been an ambassador so I've had access to some of the awesome features for a while now. I will say I absolutely LOVE having seemingly unlimited activities (free version caps at 100) and the option to schedule activities has been invaluable during virtual learning. 

My school did a phased in approach so each student had assignments virtually at some point throughout the week. We also have students in the district with medical needs so some classroom teachers also have virtual students even once we've phased in all of the students f2f. So they're teaching twice. So, as a team each grade level has decided to divide and conquer. We collaborate and divvy out digital lesson planning. Next week we are working on composing numbers and among those lessons is making a ten. Some kids will receive the lesson on Seesaw and the others in person. So, I've created an activity that both groups could do to show what they've learned. I enjoy creating and sharing what I've made and I like seeing the kids familiarize themselves with technology. Yes, in person I still use plenty of hands-on materials. I've accumulated MANY counters in my years in first grade, lol. 

This activity is going to be used as follow up to the main lesson or two. I plan on playing the Jack Hartman video....why you ask....because the kids LOVE him, lol. I'll also do a fun rainbow craft I found from another great blogger, and my in-person kiddos will have tangible counters. However, some kids will be learning from home and I want to make it kinda fun and interactive. 

Here is what it looks like when the student adds the activity after you've assigned it. You'll see it has 11 pages but please remember you can copy and edit in Seesaw if you only want to see if they can do a few ways to make a 10. 

Below is a video where I modeled the activity but with making a 7. Please check it out. 

Click here to see the product on TpT

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Seesaw Daily Calendar

 So with the crazy world of eLearning, Virtual Teaching, Hybrid Classrooms, and Social Distancing we've all had to change the way we teach. It's been frustrating, it's been time consuming, and it's been a time of learning for us all. 

I absolutely love Seesaw and I am an ambassador. I've been using it for a few years now and each year (or every few months now) they've pushed out phenomenal updates! 

My school has purchased Seesaw for Schools and our K-2 teachers are using it in class and remotely. 

Since I can no longer gather with my kiddos on the carpet and do instruction, read alouds, or calendar I've had to become creative.

The first thing I've made are Daily Calendar activities for each month. 

Click the image to see it on TpT

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Long Vowel Silent E

Over the next few weeks in first grade we will be completely kicking it up and learning so many phonological patterns. The weeks before and after winter break are super serious weeks....despite all the wintery fun and Christmastime anticipation

We started our first long vowel right before break. Long a w/ silent e. We watched this YouTube video to get the ball rolling.

I love this video. The kids love this video. It's really a win-win. Now the video does call it magic e and has a cape. I know that usually magic e has a hat or wand but I stayed consistent with the video. After watching the video we went old school and I had letters on construction paper and we did making words. Each kid held a letter then we read the CVC word. The we acted out magic e coming to help the closed vowel. It was kinda fun. Oh, and of course while we are doing this and being a bit goofy the principal comes and does one of his walk-throughs. But hey, I was teaching the kids were engaged, and it wasn't seat work. Also a win.

If you follow me on the 'gram (that's what the kids call it, right...???) okay Instagram you may have seen that I have been using #SeeSaw and #SeeSawActivities quite a bit. I love them. It saves papers. It's a digital portfolio that I don't have to be in charge of organizing/saving, the parents see assignments in almost real-time (as soon as I can approve them), I can leave feedback, I can differentiate, and I can HEAR each and every child sound out a 'page' of 12 words. Some of the videos are 12 seconds and others 58 if I tried to do this one-on-one in class I'd be using valuable teaching time!

Well, as I said those weeks before break were packed full of important phonics. So, I created this to hear each kiddo practice soft g.

 click to hear student
click to hear student

Well when we come back we hit the ground running with long i. There were some great freebies for long i work on SeeSaw that were shared by fellow teachers but I like the format above so much I created quick pages for long a, i, o, u. I didn't do long e because I found that there weren't as many e__e words but when e get ready for vowel teams I will be adding some. IF you can think of some first grade appropriate words then please comment below and I'll create a long e page and send you a copy of my pages for free. I had three or four that fit the pattern. 

click any of the previews to check it out on TpT

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Under Construction

I don't want to close my blog while I'm looking for a new design because it still receives  lot of Pinterest traffic.

I do however hate how it looks when you land here. :(

For now