Tuesday, April 29, 2014

End of Year Parent Check-List

Okay maybe not final but we're getting so close. It's nearly May. I can smell it in the air!!!

I'm thinking of sending home a little check-list for parents to show them some of the things I look for when making sure the kiddos are ready for 2nd grade. Now by no means would I use this list solely for retention purposes but I'd like to give the parents a bit of an idea of how prepared the kiddos should be when they walk into 2nd grade on the first day.

Here's a preview:
I'm really looking for input so please feel free to tell me if I'm missing a big skill (I know I am!) or if some of these you don't feel are really necessary for 2nd grade. Oh, and of course typos.

I'd also like to make a reading check-list. Suggestions?

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