Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sub Plans

Aaargh! Is it just me or is it way more work to not come to school than it is to come to school?! Luckily tomorrow is Friday and I have specials so I hope it'll be easy to plan. But not only do we have to write lesson plans (most of which we've already written in our plan books...but in a shorthand only we can read) but also classroom procedures, management, etc. Sigh. It's like the beginning of the year with the kids. My plan pages for my sub come out to be very long but I really really try not to leave anything out. I've been that sub reading the confusing plans. I'd also like to say that at my school we try to only get subs that we know and have subbed here before so the person that is subbing in my room is someone that is AWESOME!

Well, anyways. I told you that story to tell you this one (if you get that reference...bonus points) I'm going to be gone tomorrow and I usually give the kids notice so when they come in it isn't a big deal and they know the expectations. For once, I decided NO WARNING. I've really been wanting to do the writing prompt where the kiddos write about where they think I am. I have a few students that I think are just going to come up with outrageous ideas so I'm psyched. I really wish I would've gotten the book Miss Nelson is Missing . That would've been perfect. Ah well, maybe next time. I'll post the template later tonight. Wish me (and my authors) good luck!

My lovely co-teacher had the book! Eureka!

Oh and here is the writing prompt template I left for my sub  My Teacher is Missing! 
Click here to download the free template.

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