Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Class is a Hoot!

Seriously, my class is incredibly funny. I really enjoy them. As much as I'm counting the days until break <cough> 14 <cough> it'll be hard saying goodbye.


I was walking my class to lunch and D pulls up his shorts nearly to his chest. When I see him I ask what he's doing. He then tells me in a chipper voice "I'm Steve Urkel." The reference fits but I just had to dig deeper, lol.

Me:Do you even know who that is?
D: No, I saw my cousin doing it.
Me: So, you don't know who it is...
D: He was a president I think...
Me: <in my head> Oh my.

I promise we talked about the presidents and I promise that I never mentioned Steve Urkel (or even Stefan Urkel for those of you in the know)

Second grade is going to have an interesting year next year.


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