Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awesome Give Away from fellow bloggerS

Head on over to Life in First Grade

Life in First Grade

Ms. Leslie Ann is giving away a HearALL Assessment Recorder from Learning Resources 
"It's seriously the neatest thing, y'all. You simply place it wherever you want to recorder and hit the red button. That's it! It records what the kids are saying so you can hear for yourself. To hear what was recorded, just plug it into your computer and click on the file. It has five speakers, so it really picks up the kids voices and allows you to hear exactly what is recorded. And the best part? NO BATTERIES. That's a huge plus in my book. "

So, check out her blog to learn how to enter! I'm not sure about you but I have a ton of ideas of what I could do with this nifty gadget. 


I was flipping through FlipBoard  and saw that another fabu (faboo?) (I dunno, you get it though) blogger is celebrating her 500 Followers with an awesome give away sponsored by other awesome bloggers. You know what that means, right?  Teacher jackpot in give-aways.
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Here's hoping I have some Rafflecopter luck!

Check them BOTH out.Awesome sauce!

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