Sunday, July 15, 2012

I finally made it in to my classroom...

Have you checked out The School Supply Addict blog? Fabulous resources and even her blog is meticulously organized.

She has an entire section dedicated to room setup. Some of these classrooms are things that teachers drool over.

I went into my classroom for the first time this summer. Now this isn't to say that I haven't been blogging, blog stalking, and pinning tons of ideas. I actually enjoy doing all of that and whenever I see something I want to print, make, or incorporate I email myself...Well I went into my school email and had at least 50 emails to myself about ideas. 

At the end of the year we have to pack up some of our stuff and get it off the floor so the custodians can clean. (Side-note: bless our room was clean, windows were sparkling and if I had to move all those desks and tables and stuff I wouldn't make it a week) I went in to unpack a few things and set up my teacher desk. Whoever said you have to make a mess before you can clean was certainly right. I left my room looking more haggard than I thought I could by unboxing some stuff. 

I hope you check out the classroom pics on The School Supply Addict's webpage...and if they make you feel bad about your room (as they did me for a moment) then feel free to look at my shots from my classroom that I took the other day. Definitely not what teacher dreams are made of...but a work in progress.

Do you see all of those green books?! Our reading series has five different books. To the right you'll see my floor puzzles. I'm thinking I need to hang up some curtains...
Here I have an unused bulletin board awkwardly placed above my student computers. The placement makes it hard to utilize this bulletin board or change it often. I'm thinking of using it to hang impressive work. Suggestions?

This is my morning meeting bulletin board. Before I took the picture I took down my calendar and tore down the pink fadeless paper. I measured and I want to try fabric on it. I hate the smudges that get on the paper from erasing the dry erase marker stuff!
 A random box of beads. I really want to use them in some fun way. Just not sure how yet.
My deflated bean bag chairs. They were an awesome craigslist find last summer.

My mountain language board...don't know about you but my eyes zeroed in on the crooked ones!
 I have used those boxes for my centers for the last few years but I'm thinking I want to start Daily 5. Nervous and excited about change...we'll see. 

Hopefully these are all before pictures. I wanted to give you a little preview of my's kinda like a skeleton classroom right now...good structure but no 'meat'.  

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Lisa R. said...

I just found The School Supply Addict blog & it's phenomenal!! It is going to take me so much time to go through all of her wonderful ideas, but I love it! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Miss Cosby said...

I just found her 'themes' section....I know how my evening will be spent, lol.

Jane Hray said...

Hey! I am a HUGE advocate for using fabric instead of paper, but if you are using a dry-erase marker on it and getting smudges on the paper, you'll have the same problem with fabric (and possibly be even sadder because you spent more on it). So, I have an idea. Shop around and find a vinyl tablecloth you love. Be sure to get the higher quality kind with the batting built in, not the thin plastic. Think about it - no fading and it'll wipe clean easily. Win-win! I hope this helps!
~ Jane

Miss Cosby said...

That is such a good point. I guess my hope was fabric would be washable but I guess it could stain. Awesome idea, thanks do much.

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