Saturday, August 4, 2012

Go Fish!

I was looking at the Fry Words that I'll do some word testing with. I purchased Sight Word Superstars: Building Fry List Fluency from Jennifer Bates.

I'm very excited to use it and I've already printed my first set for the kiddos...I'm tempted to write names but with a week until school starts I'm apprehensive because I know it'll change.


The fluency packet that I purchased comes with some really cute game/study ideas for the words. I was in bed the other night and a new game hit me. Don't you love when you're half asleep and a school idea hits you...I was willing myself to remember...and I did! I decided to make a Go Fish game with 100 of the words. I used the words as grouped in the kit I bought but since they all have the same graphics you can mix and match. You could do one set at a time for the younger kiddos or mix them together for more proficient students. If students are working on their own they can use them as flashcards or a memory game.

Preview of words 1-20


If this works out I'll get to work on the next 100 words. Let me know what you think and feel free to pin! 

I'll be cooking up my giveaway soon for the big 1-0-0!!! 

Pinned Image

But wait...there's more!
The first and fifth (five is my lucky number for some reason) commenter on this post can get these for free. They'll need to comment (of course!), leave their email, pin the game on Pinterest and show me the link where they pinned my Go Fish! game. Easy peasy.

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meadowt said...

This looks awesome!

Laura said...

Super cute! My kiddos love any kind of word game!!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

polkadotfirsties said...

Oooh, I think I'm the first! Here's the pin
My email is

Miss Cosby said...

I'll email winners soon!

Kimberly said...

My first graders will love this!

My email is


Michael and Emily said...

These look fun!

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