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12 in '12 Linky Party

I love a good linky. I really like the linky parties that give me an insight into the bloggers that I follower. I read all their great ideas and see all the awesomeness in classroom and I'm a--mazed. I like to see the other side of their lives.

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Here it goes!
12. Favorite movie of 2012
I think I'd have to say Hunger Games. I was a little late reading the books but once I got started I plowed through them. I made myself read all 3 before seeing the movie.

11.Favorite TV Series
Okay...I'm a DVR junkie. I don't have a favorite of the year...I guess I'm seasonal. I love Game of Thrones, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy and Big Bang Theory. (way more that I DVR but these make sure I watch)
I guess I'll say Grey's Anatomy....I just started it this year and was Netflix'ing the mess out of it!!
10. Favorite Restaurant
This year I tried this place called Brozzini's. Yum. All I can say is GARLIC KNUCKLES! (It was featured in Indianapolis magazine)
 9. Favorite new thing I tried
TpT and Blogging. They've both changed my teaching life tremendously. Blogging (and reading blogs) got me out of this teaching funk I was in so I am forever grateful.

Oh...and I guess on non-teaching note I went parasailing!!! It was awesome :)
Good Picture:NO Good Time: Totally!

8.Favorite gift
iPad!!!! I use it every single day.

7. Favorite pin
I pin like crazy so I can't pick one. I will say that while I'm a pinning fool I don't always follow through with my lofty ambitions. I made this chicken though and definitely incorporated it into my menu planning.

Source: via bcosby on Pinterest

6.Favorite blog post
Umm....any Currently from Farley. Love them! (check out December)

5. Best Accomplishment
I don't know if the following is an accomplishment per say but it made me happy and proud.
I had a great group of students last year and guess what...they came with a great group of parents. A rare win-win combo. I had a parent that had a son that needed a lot of differentiation. She seemed very pleased with what I had done for her son. I saw her in the hall in October because she was helping with the Halloween parties for her sons. Her younger son is now in kindergarten and in passing she briefly rubbed my arm and let me know that she wanted me to teach her other child next year.

4. Favorite Picture
We have this really cool caterpillar thing on our playground and I got my whole class on it last spring and took a group photo. It was pretty cool.
Fav  of me:
My friend went to Disney and got me pink Minnie ears!!!
3. Favorite Memory
Indiana had a terribly gross hot summer. I had planned a vacation to Florida for the 4th. Just so happens when I went to Florida I was escaping the heat. Indiana had a fireworks ban because of the heat and dryness. Since I was in Florida I got to see fireworks...on the beach. I was in a chair on the gulf for hours and hours that day. We cooked out and hung out. The sun set and there were fireworks to my left and my right and off boats in the water. It was so cool.

2. Goal for 2013
 Continue this blog journey that I'm on. I have a few other goals that are personal right now but I'll share them in 2013.

1. One Little Word for 2013

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Also I'm still having my giveaway. 9 amazing bloggers have offered to help me out and I am giving away an awesome (if I do say so myself) grand prize!!!  (entries close Sunday!)

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