Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gearing Up to Go Back

I know...I know...I said it. I don't go back until the 7th but I need to go in and have a little 'work day' for myself. I have plans, copies, rearranging desks, taking down decorations, and gr...grr...grading. (eek)

I'll need some new centers and word work activities for my kiddos when they return. Can't keep doing stuff with Santa and elves on them!

Here's what I finished up from the comfort of my couch in a chihuahua sandwich.

Oh, and yes some are common core aligned but as you all know there are tons of things we need to teach that are not standards.

You'll get 5 reading focused centers and 5 math focused centers

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sort words by their real spelling or their sound-out spelling
nonsense word game
sort the sentences by the punctuation they should have
put words in ABC order
complete the number patterns (counting forward and backward)
fill in the missing part or whole
read the number sentence to decide if it is true or false
match number sentences to their answer
count the coins and match them to their written representation
unscramble the sentences

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See Me Teach said...

these look great!

Cecilia said...

Very cute! I pinned!

Rae said...

I love it! And I pinned it!

And just in case I don't win, I put this on my Wishlist :)



loularkin said...

I pinned it!
It all looks so cute! I go back on the 7th also but I am still in denial(pajama) mode.

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