Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List

My school year isn't even over but thanks to #Pinterest, #Bloggers, and that part of your brain that won't go to sleep even though you're in bed and would like to doze off I'm already thinking of next year. So today I'm linking up with the Summer Bucket List linky party hosted by some awesome bloggers. 
Hosted by: Hadar at Miss Kindergarten, Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher, and April fromA Modern Teacher!

1. New Reading Series
 We are adopting Journey Reading by HMH. I'm on a committee so I've already received my teacher materials and started curriculum mapping it. I also attended a textbook training session with the rest of first grade to familiarize ourselves with it. I'm actually looking forward to the technology training portion but it'll probably be in the fall....I <3 technology.

I comes with so many resources (digital and blackline). I'd really like to get a big chunk of Word Work for D5 completed and also organize some ideas for teaching. These pictures are from my login for digital resources. Our version will be updated and a little different. I really want to get my hands on the tangible resources. 

2. Road Trip
In June my friend and I are planning a day trip to Chicago. It's been years since I have been there and we're planning on getting there early and coming home pretty late. I plan on this being one of my only days where an alarm clock is required, lol. 

I for sure want to go to the Shedd Aquarium

And the Museum of Science and Industry
There are a few other things we're thinking about but time is a factor. Suggestions?

3. Organization
I'm loving the idea of these:
click here for source
I'm just not sure where I can put that means more classroom organization to move thing around. I swear when former students come to visit they always say "It looks different." lol

I need to update my teacher binder (cover pages, calendars, etc)

I'm going to organize my Pinterest boards. I have math, reading, behavior, holidays, etc all on one board and I'm going to 'sort' my pins.

I  make my own plan pages and I need to rebudget my time. Partly because of the new reading series (that hits the ground running because right after K review we're taking spelling tests and learning about nouns) and partly because I want to do more D5.

3. Create
To say I've been TpT lazy is an understatement. To be fair I've been a very active consumer....just not producer. I would like to make some more Singapore Math based math journal packets. They've been a big hit and it's always hard to find Math In Focus/Singapore Math resources.
I also have some other ideas in the works. I'm going to go back and update some of my old stuff. (I see some of it now and can tell I was a newbie!)

One of the things I'll be updating are my Clip Chart graphics and Classroom Management Pack.
This is the one I've used for 2 years. Time for a makeover!!

I'll be updating this as well
4. Friends!
We had a rough winter and I live about 30 minutes from most of my close needless to say I didn't get a lot of hangout time lately. I want to change things. I want to do dinners, lunches, movies, shopping, hang out, IKEA (oooh!) and whatever else may come up. No teacher bedtime for me :D

Okay...those are the biggies. Maybe by blogging about them you can hold me to them. Just randomly email and ask "Umm...are those clip charts updated yet?" "I thought you were updating your Classroom Management Resources pack?" "I still haven't seen any new math journals, what's up with that?" lol

Go link up so I can see your bucket list, too! (I keep getting new ideas to add to mine by seeing your ideas)

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Shelley Rolston said...

I loved reading about your summer bucket list!

:) Shelley
The Perks of Teaching Primary

Anonymous said...

Our district adopted Journey's this year. So far it's been good to use. I'm hoping to organize my Pinterest boards this summer too. Have a great summer!


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