Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Teachers Make

Overall this has been a very good school year. It's been busy and I can't believe I only have about 14 days left. I feel like there is still so much to do.

This school year I was gifted with 16 great students that made listening to a day's full of reading tests entertaining.

It's teacher appreciation week and today I looked up a former teacher of mine. I looked for my 5th grade teacher on Facebook this evening. It was completely disrespectful to call a teacher by their first name and maybe even taboo as a child to even know your teacher's first name. (at least that's how it seemed when I was 11). But, I knew her name...and was unable to find her on fb. I googled my former elementary school and was looking at the teacher list. Name after name that didn't ring a bell...then...I saw it. I saw Ms. K's name. I immediately clicked on her email and thanked her. I thanked her for exposing me to things and teaching me things that will never appear on any standardized test or any set of standards. I have such great memories from that year.

Well, doing that reminded me of a poem I heard years ago. Many of you have probably seen it but it reaches me every time. I will warn you that it is not kid-safe.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

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