Friday, June 14, 2013

Behavior Clip Chart Revamped

For the last two years I've used a clip chart in my classroom. Before that I used card flips. I liked card flips but found that they focused too much on bad when a student had a rough morning  and when they went home and showed their parents my recording page it looked like that had a bad day. (I still keep my card flip chart, recording pages, and cards for when I need to make a change or 'crack the whip')

I liked the clip chart because it gave me an opportunity to focus on good choices as well. I did this verbally but this was a good visual for the kids. It also let the kids turn their behavior/attitude around. I feel that when the parents see my new recording pages they get an overall view of the whole day.

Here is my original clip chart:
(it was on my summer bucket list to revamp)
I really like it--but it needs a make-over. I'm going to chalk it up to my first attempts and when I first got started creating more classroom things.

Right now I don't have a good color printer (on my summer to buy wish-list-----side question: do you prefer laser or ink jet and why?)

Here are some choices that I'll have when it's time to print and laminate and put this bad boy together!
click here

click here

click here

click here

No, I don't have a Pirate room but one of my work-besties does so I revamped what I made her. 
You can find them all here in a bundle with my Classroom Management Resources.  Where you'll see different types of Management Resources. If you've already purchased this item then please go and re-download to get the updates.
Original blog post here
If you know the clip chart is for you and you don't want to see other Management Resources click here to get only the clip chart images. (They are a bundled set--not sold individually) I will be giving away one set of the new bundle to the first comment with an email!

Is there a theme that you have in your classroom that you're just dying to see a clip chart to match?

4 Replies:

Angie said...

I'd love a copy of the clip chart bundle. I've been using the system for a few years and would love a cute update. Pick me! Pick me!

Mrs. Griffith said...

Great minds think alike! Revamping my clip chart was on my summer to-do list and I just posted about mine too! Hope you get a color printer soon so you can finish your project.

For the Love of First Grade

Erin K said...

I plan on switching over to the clip chart this year after seeing positive results in some of my team member's classrooms. Your sets are super cute! Thanks for sharing!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Susan Cahalane said...

Hi! I love your chalkboard clip art collection, so cute!! I just found your blog, I'm your newest follower!

Science for Kids Blog

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