Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Very Tardy Currently

It's June (nope, not the first anymore--but I'm still linking up!)

Now, I prefer the Bob Barker era but I was drawn in this morning. It was always a dream of mine to play Plinko and spin the big wheel!!

Loving--> I haven't had to set an alarm in days. I'm very much looking forward to this for weeks and weeks to come.

Thinking--> So you may have noticed that I'm kinda late on linking up--I even missed a 5 for Friday :( Well...I'm sick. Like I feel awful...well felt awful.  I couldn't get into the doctor until Monday (yesterday) morning. I have an upper respiratory infection and I'm all kinds of gross. I had a fever over the weekend, too. I've spent a lot of cuddle time with my couch and my blanket. So, I'm on 4x a day antibiotics and today is my first day of normalcy....meaning I'm upright on the couch. I also had a toothache but couldn't go in until I could breathe through my nose. Fun summer break start, huh?

Wanting--> Energy
I am feeling a bit better today but I wish I was taking advantage of this great June weather. I know all too soon it'll be muggy. Luckily my pups also enjoy some lazy couch time.

Needing-->To clean this place up
To say that with the end of year chaos and my recent sickness that I've let this place go would be an understatement. I'm just saying that if you showed up I'd be mortified. So I'll be deep cleaning soon.

3 vacay essentials-->So whether you're doing a 'staycay' in your hometown or going off somewhere beachy I think you could use:

Sunscreen! I had some kiddos tell me they didn't need it because they tanned. I got into serious Miss Cosby mode. I like the spray kind. 

Sunglasses! Okay, not only are they cute but they're functional
Book! (or stack of mags) I got an ereader a few years ago. I love it. At the time I decided to go Nook and I'm still happy with it. No, it's not fancy and I can't get apps on it. But I have an iPad if I want those fancy things. I wanted e-ink so my eyes wouldn't strain over time and so there wouldn't be glare in the sunlight. Also, since it's a few years old and not fancy schmancy I won't be uber said if it gets sandy or if I leave it behind. (sad but not as sad as ruining my iPad)
I know I'm late and most of you that do this linky have already linked up but if you haven't head on over!

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Julia said...

I need to do a little deep cleaning over here too! The end of the year gets so crazy --I feel like i have a lot of catching up to do during these first weeks of summer! :) Hope you are feeling better soon! :) Lattes and Laughter

Robyn Beele said...

Thanks for becoming a new follower! I LOVE Price is Right, but I agree Bob Barker is the best. It is just not the same! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Erin said...

I just finished a deep cleaning, PHEW! I'm always astounded by how much stuff I seem to collect without even realizing it- but I can't seem to stop my habit of shopping at Target!!

I'm new to this whole blogging world and have just become your newest follower. Thanks for all of the inspiration and sharing of ideas :)
Short and Sassy Teacher

Miss Cosby said...

Thanks! I am on the mend but the tissues still don't leave my side. :D

Thanks for stopping by.

Sandy said...

I think we are on the same page with vayay items.. reading a good book is always a part of a vacation for me now. Enjoy your summer!

Kristin Young said...

Don't worry. I'm late too and I don't even have sickness as an excuse! ;) I hope you feel better soon. The worst time to be sick is when it's gorgeous outside!! If you haven't read The Devil Wears Prada, I say add that to your vacay reading list. And if you HAVE, then get the sequel...it came out today and I can't wait to read it when I'm on break next week. In the sun!!! :)

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Annie said...

I hope you feel 100% better soon so you can enjoy your no-alarm days :)

Three Cheers for First Grade

Liz said...

Hope you are feeling better! I love my ereader too. I'm at the beach this week and I'm getting sand everywhere....I think I'm going to stay by the pool today.

Leaping into Teaching said...

I hope that you feel better! It's a tough time of year to be feeling sick, but at least you're off of work. Thanks for sharing!


Leaping into Teaching

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! So sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad! Hope you feel better soon!


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