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Let's talk about behavior management!

Whole Class
Marble jar!
I have a marble jar system in my classroom. I can give or take marbles for any reason! I give them for perfect attendance, everyone having their homework (with their names on it), good hallway choices, overall good behavior, compliments, etc. I can take them out for not doing the above things, too.

I live 30 minutes from school and didn't want to make that journey just for a marble jar pictures. So, I searched Pinterest. My jars look different but here' the gist. Once they earn all of 'their' marbles we have a "Marble Party" which can be anything from pajama day to playing with play dough. Really whatever you have time to implement and encourages your kiddos to do their personal best.


I'm sure you all know--and may be tired of hearing about--the use of my clip chart in my classroom.
to get this clip chart (or rainbow variation) source

On day one I explain my expectations and procedures. I don't have a tangible set of rules though. We model good and bad choices. Those first few days/weeks are really about setting the framework for the rest of the year.

I start it very early in the year. It's always rough to have that first kid clip down but it has to be done. So, I really try to focus on good choices and clipping up the first few days of school .

As the year goes on I really try to make it difficult or something special to clip up. We start every day on 'Ready to Learn' and this is my expectation--so moving up means you were above and beyond expectation...not just following directions. Again, I like this because it's an overall average of the day's behavior not just the lowest low like when I did card flips. I mean, card flips are supposed to deter bad if they're working and a kiddo changes their behavior that should be reflected in the management plan, right?

At the end of the day the kids fill out their chart so mom & dad can see how their day went. (This chart evolved through the year) Here are three different versions:

 I start off with this one because it mirrors the clip chart and gets the parents familiar with it. I print it in b&w so we have to do a mini-lesson on where to color because most first graders cannot read it in August. My co-teacher numbered her recording page and clip chart to make it easier for the kids.
This is the first version--and the one included in my TpT bundle
I made this one when I had parents asking why their child clipped down because their child 'forgot'. (okay--sometimes the forgot was legit because I couldn't always remember either)

I ended up moving to this recording page because the parents were familiar with the color code and my expectations. I also like that it was a pictorial overview of the month. Maybe we could trend positive and negative behavior. So, if every Monday is yellow or orange maybe something is happening on the weekends or transitioning back to school on Mondays is difficult and we need to discuss this. 

If a kiddo makes it to the top of my clip chart (wow, btw) they get a jewel on their clip and get a Dum-Dum from my Dum-Dum plant.
I always tell them that it might have been easy (even if it's not) to get to the top---not the tough part is to stay there!

After 5 jewels I glitter their clip:
This coming school year I'll glitter it and retire it. (Here's one of the retired pages in my new set of clip chart stuff)

I do not do other prizes or rewards. They get a kick out of the jewels. I do enforce consequences for being on orange or red. This is usually time off recess but varies. (It would also vary depending on your school corp--I know some school cannot take their recess time away and need to have other consequences)

There are always those weeks/days before a break that can be crahazy! I'll continue to use my clip chart but I also bring out my PB board. (PB is Personal Best) The kids will use their classroom number and sign a square on the coordinate grid (math integration!). At the end of the week if it's full I pull out a popsicle stick with coordinates on it and they get a trip to the prize box or candy jar. I only do the drawing if it gets full--also if it fills up the kids can double up.
{source: My mentor teacher}

I have some other handwriting, spelling test, and attention grabber ideas but I'll save those for another post.

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April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Love the glitter you add to the clips11 Great idea!!


Sabrina said...

I like to try different behavior management systems. I really like the Personal Best chart idea. Thanks

Kelly said...

I LOVE the idea of the jewels on their clip.... what a great visual reminder of great days! :)

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Becky said...

I like the jewels on the clip and the behavior calendar! I need to make those for next year!! I'm your newest follower!

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