Monday, July 15, 2013

Bus Riders freebie

I have about a month until I go back to school. I know many of you are on a similar timeline give or take a week or two. I'm spending the day inside because summer has decided to hit Indiana and I'm throwing myself a Grey's Anatomy mini-marathon via Netflix. Don't be jealous. I'm also spending some time on my slightly neglected Pinterest boards.

While I was pinning I saw some back to school stuff that I really liked. One thing I saw was sign or something about organizer how students get home. I know every school is different and you have different dismissal procedures.

At the beginning of the year I make it through that first day...trials, tribulations, not enough time, too much time, crying, coloring, confusion, repetition...all that jazz. Then, at 3:15 our warning bell rings...we have 5 minutes until actual dismissal. Then, at 3:20 it's time to take the kiddos out. Those being picked up go to a designated spot where they are checked off and accounted for. Those in the after school program go to the gym. Then....the majority of my 6 year olds need to go to the parking lot where the buses await. Luckily, a lot of them have siblings or rode the bus in kindergarten.

There's nothing more worrisome than a 6 year old suddenly getting bus amnesia...and me having forgotten to bring my list because everyone was soooo sure at 9 this morning.

I made this page to attach to a clipboard and bring those first few dismissal days (or to leave with a sub). Just write the bus numbers in the blank box and the student names below.

Back to School Bus Rider Freebie:
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A Sunny Day in First Grade said...

I love your bus form! I always carry a messy list with me out to buses and check it about a thousand times lol. Thank you for the freebie! :)

A Sunny Day in First Grade

Annie said...

That is so much prettier than my mess of a list! Thank You!
Three Cheers for First Grade!

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