Friday, July 19, 2013

Freebie & Giveaway Blog Hop

Hey! I'm hopping in with Teaching Blog Roundup for a giveaway and some freebies!

Right now summer breaks are going to start winding down for many of us and August is creeping closer and closer. So us bloggers at Teaching Blog Roundup decided to help make these dog days of summer a bit more bearable.

The winner from my giveaway will get their choice of BTS items.

My freebie is a Birthday Freebie! I'm kinda stuck on this chevron color scheme I have going. I bought some swirly fun straws at the Dollar Tree

I'm going to attach one of these tags to them and give them to the birthday kiddos! They can also be made into badges or attached to Pixi Stix, pencils, suckers, etc.

click here to get them

They match my book basket & classroom labels:

click here

They match my binder pages (with editable blanks):
click here

AND they match my freebie labels:
click here

3 Replies:

Learning with Mrs. Brinn said...

Cute colorful items!!

Learning With Mrs. Brinn

Loves1st said...

I have been looking for crazy straws all summer! Where did you find them?

Chris Wallis

Miss Cosby said...

I found them at Dollar Tree!! $1 for a pack of 6.

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