Saturday, August 31, 2013

14 days down... & New Reading Series

Hello blogland. I've missed you. I haven' really had much of a chance to blog or read many blogs (thank heavens for scheduling posts!)

I've finished week 1 of official first grade Journeys. I know from some replies that some of you use it, too. Thoughts? I was just overwhelmed by how much they packed into Monday (Day 1). I Then, all week we are learning about nouns and types of nouns then action words are on the test?! Not 1 noun on the test...yes we do use the weekly reading tests.

Luckily the Journey's pack (mostly word work for  D5) was helpful.
click here to see what it includes

Well, we made it through the week and I even have plans in the works for next week. I've decided that I'm going to take the new reading series with a good attitude and look at it like I (finally) did with Daily 5. I'm going to make it fit my students, not feel pressured to do everything in the book,  and hopefully I'll be able to transition into the different world of Journeys.

This week we'll be reading The Storm. I was so jazzed to do this story. I even won a really cool weather packet from Stephanie from Falling into First. Now the week I'm supposed to teach this is a 4 day week. (Hey, don't worry about me--I will not be petitioning to have school on Monday) So, I have to 'cram' a week of reading into 4 days...well on top of that I'm going to be out of my room a lllll day Wednesday so I can attend a curriculum mapping meeting...and on top that I'm going to be out of school on Thursday because of a doctor's appt I scheduled in July!

 I can't have subs teaching the awesomness I wanted to teach. They won't invent my Miss Cosbyisms, they won't be able to explain it the way I would, they won't be able to impart this knowledge onto my barely trained firsties. (Okay, exaggerate much?!) I think we all feel this way about substitute teachers--even the best one. I'm actually sure they'll do a nice job but having two different subs in a row at the beginning of first grade is rough.

To help I've made a unit for The Storm (Unit 1, Story 2)
click here to check it out on TpT
It basically includes the same pages but focused on short i, new spelling words, and new high frequency words. After posting the What is a Pal? unit I went back and added more stuff. Here's a preview of what you'll get (not all inclusive)

Included in this packet:

spelling practice pages
mats to laminate for clay
identifying spelling words
word family pages
noun/possessive noun sorting
word search
practice spelling test template
spelling test template
2 vocabulary test templates
possessive noun worksheet
simple sentence unscramble

Daily 5 is hit or miss in my room now. We're doing Word Work, Read to Self, and Read to Someone. My powerpoint with those three activities seems to be working. I have a few more kiddos than last year (and have already lost 2 and gained 1) so it's been a bit much. We're also a very chatty group. We have to talk after everything...and sometimes during everything. I know it's about routine, consistency, and procedures. I have to remember consistency--we'll have a really good day, or really good morning and I'm less 'strict' then it's total regression. I do take blame....but c'mon kids. Just listen to me! I have a loud voice, I'm tall, I brushed my hair, look at me!!!

Oh, and I got my birthday board hung up after school today!!
click here to read more about it

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