Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's okay to let your firsties play with shot glasses, right?

So last week was a short week. No school on Monday because of Labor Day (woohoo!). I also had an ALL DAY curriculum mapping meeting on sub plans had to be made. In July I made a doctor's appointment well that was on Thursday....more sub plans had to be made. I don't know about you but my sub plans seem sooooo long because I feel like I have to be so detailed.

So basically I was with the kiddos 2 days last week. The kids part is the fun part of my job and I missed it. It's really more work to not be there than it is to be there.


I think I'm finding my stride with Journey's Reading. Monday is jam packed so I may have to reschedule a computer lab time. :/

I'm really enjoying my word work time and the activities I made to use with Journeys. I finished up my newest one just moments ago.

click here to get it on TpT
It has very similar activites to my sets for What is a Pal? and The Storm. Actually most of them are carbon copies but with the short o vowel, new vocab, and new spelling words. There is a verb worksheet and a noun/verb sorting page. I also made a new partner game like the freebie I posted a few months ago.

(the next picture is not included in the Curious George at School packet but I made a game  like the ones included below especially for the packet. Click the image to learn more about the freebie.
Click here to get this product for free

A run-down of what is included:
spelling practice pages
mats to laminate for clay
identifying spelling words
word family pages
noun/verb sorting
word search
spelling pretest template
practice spelling test template
spelling test template
2 vocabulary test templates
verb worksheet
simple sentence unscramble
2 partner games (spin, read, and cover)

Also on the word work's okay to let your firsties play with shot glasses, right?

So I found these sets of plastic shot glasses at the Dollar Tree the other day. I just knew I could do something with them....and if not I'd have colorful disposable shot glasses.

I used a wet-erase (old school overhead Vis-A-Vis) marker to write on them. I wrote our 6 vocab words for the week on one set. The kids will need to read the word and with each word they read they can add a piece to the stacking tower.

I'm going to test the word work choice out before I make more permanent/pretty labels for the shot glasses. You could also use dry erase but I was afraid that would smudge with their fingers. I may use those circular (yard sale) stickers and affix them to the bottom and write the word. You don't want to stock up on hundreds of shot glasses at the Dollar Tree though..looks weird, lol.

My other idea was to practice spelling with these. I wrote the consonants on blue and the vowel on the pink glasses. Students will need to find the letters to spell the word.

Oh and my dry erase circles came from Amazon this week! I put them on my group table. (Pardon the mess remember, I was gone most of the week) I have some with air bubble that reallllly irritate me but they work great and I can't wait to use them with the kiddos. (They are removable and won't cause damage but I'm not sure how many times you can re-stick them)

Oh and thank you Amy for the amazing feedback. This is a big reason we do what we do!

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