Sunday, November 24, 2013

Almost Tis the Season

So before I share my informational life changing teacher post (okay....exaggerating a smidgen) I'd like to take a moment to scream at AT&T customer service and online chat. AHHHHHH!!!! I just had some questions but no luck getting a real live person to talk to me.

And deep breath in.....and deep breath out.....ah

This week is all about the turkey, the Pilgrims, the Native Americans, and Thanksgiving. For me it's a 3-day week where we're thrown out of our normal routine involving our reading series and I get to dive into a holiday in a 3-Day jammed packed way.

Well, yes I'll focus on November but I'm also going to start teaching my Letter Writing Mini-Unit so we can get our letters written, edited, and ready for the big guy.

Here's what I came up with last year

I have them remember the five parts by incorporating touch. 
Heading--Point to our our head
Greeting--Point to our mouth
Body--Point to our bellies
Closing--Snap our legs together like a soldier
Signature--Stick a foot out like you're pointing with your toe

After a few repetitions they start to pick it up.

You'll see in my Santa template page that it's not all about "I want". I encourage them to tell Santa about themselves, whether they've been naughty or nice, and to ask questions. Then, after that they can ask for three (or so) things that they'd like to have.

During morning meeting (calendar time) we add a question to Santa to our chart paper so they get an idea of what to write in their letter. (And it sneaks in teaching/reviewing asking sentences!)

The neatest thing is that once all the letters are 'mailed' I really bring them to the fifth grade teachers. The fifth grade teachers hype up the fifth graders and the fifth graders pretend to be elves and they write my kiddos back. So, about a week passes and I get a beautifully ornate envelope back from...SANTA!! The principal brings it in my classroom like it's urgent business. I read every letter to the firsties. (The fifth graders explain that Santa was busy so an elf wrote them back. They think of the cutest elf names)

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I also updated some parts to my Christmas themed Math Centers

If you've already purchased just re-download.
You'll get:

Tens frame counting. All the numbers are 11-20. The kids will need to count on from 10 and match it with the correct digits.
Naughty and Nice True or False number sentences (w/ recording sheet)
Don't Get then Coal! Addition/Subtraction group game
Gingerbread Fact Families (with recording sheet)
Candy Number bonds (find the missing addend, subtrahend)
Santa and Mrs. Claus Time to the hour
Sum Milk & Cookies Matching addition and subtraction problems to answers

Laminator frenzy will be happening!
I also announced the winners to my 500 Follower Giveaway. I contacted them. If you have not received your prize or a follow-up email please contact me.

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Marcy G said...

This is the cutest idea ever! I love how you are promoting writing in different environments!

Searching for Teacher Balance

Just Wild About Teaching said...

Love this packet and the writing prompts! Such a fun way to get the little ones to write more. =)

Just Wild About Teaching

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