Monday, April 21, 2014

Friday! (okay...not quite) about dropping the ball. I took pictures last week AND I uploaded the pics on my blogger app and I was going to add text when I got home. Didn't happen. So, here's my quite late 5 for Friday. (Oh how I wish it were Friday)

Every year we make these tissue paper bunnies. I don't normally stick with the same craft yearly but I think they're darling. I get a headache with first graders and tissue paper nearly every year but I love how they turn out. (Don't zoom in on the collage, lol...they're cuter from a distance, lol)
 We're into spring! This year I wanted to do a plant unit and plant seeds. I actually haven't done this with first graders before. We've talked about life cycles and hit on plants but I've never done seeds with them.
(The Parts/Needs of a Flower/Plant are from All Students Can Shine (for free!!!))

Friday was apparently free sweets day. I think that Pinterest has taken over the world and I see some of the cutest things. I absolutely loved this Peep driving a Twinkie. (I do not like Peeps or Twinkies so this was easy to resist) is resting upon a can of honey roasted indulgence lately. They were part of an Easter gift from my secret pal. :D

Speaking of Secret Pals:

My school has a very involved and helpful PTO and parent base. I feel very fortunate in this respect. Each year the PTO sends out a paper to all the parents asking if they'd like to be a secret pal for a staff member. (think kinda like secret admirer...anonymous little gifts each month/holidays) The parents return their slips, teacher fill out an 'about me'  paper and the PTO matches them up anonymously. I really needed a smile Friday morning and I got my cute bunny basket and it brought a smile to my face.
This is littlest nephew. "Pacman" I got to babysit him for a bit the other night and it gave me my baby fix. I should be good for a few months now, lol.

and even though this is kinda #6 I saw this cutie in my parents' yard the other day...just hanging out

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