Saturday, June 7, 2014


In the tradition of forgetting to do this on Friday I bring you my 5 for Fraturday :D

I think it's safe to say Vanilla is really enjoying my extra hours at home. 

Such a kind PTO and family. I have seen these online but I haven't received on. Needless to say it was super cute and my willpower was on break when I decided to make my little s'more. 

I do a weigh-in every other Wednesday. (I was going weekly and that was not much fluctuation and inconsistency)

I woke up (after sleeping in of course) and did my weigh-in. I lost 4.2 lbs!
(I use an app called "My Weight" to track)

I'm trying to find some things to do so I have that balance of accomplishment and boredom. It's a fine line I tell you. Well this first week of break was all about my apt. I'm caught up on laundry, my kitchen is clean, my junk mail has been shredded, and now my closet is clean. I made one trip to Goodwill before spring break and today I'm running these bags to my local Goodwill. Goodbye bigger clothes, I hope to never ever ever need you again.

Friday was awesome. I had a nail appt and hair appt and got to hang out with friends. I've been doing gel/shellac manicures for months now. They last so long (as you can see by the growth). My last color was actually color changing. It was purple when cold and red when warm. I liked when it went ombre. So, I switched from that and went super summer with that bright pink below.

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Sally said...

Congrats on 4.2 pounds this week, that's awesome! I never would have been able to resist the s'more this time of year, I'm so stressed! I love my gel nails, but I've never put the shellac on them, I just do french tip. Maybe it's time to add color.

Happy Summer!

Sally from Elementary Matters

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