Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day!

So I thought we were going to go alllll long winter without a snow day. We've had some two-hour delays because of ice or temps but today is my SECOND snow day in a row. I was actually surprised by both of them. I was completely expecting delays but I wasn't let down by having the time off.

I'm thankful to have a job where they do not want kids out in these temps or road conditions. I'm also thankful I get these little gifts, too!

Well last night I was laying in bed, banking on a 2hr delay, and I realized I wanted to do a writing about what the kiddos did on their snow day. I immediately went to Pinterest. I found some cute things but they were based on a book that I don't currently have! So I took this extra time off work to do------well------work! (I even worked on my Journeys packets yesterday)

So here's a Snow Day freebie from me to you!

click here to get your freebie

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