Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July already! Well...July currently

Hello everyone! Today is July 1st and I think you know what that means. Time for another currently! I still love these things.

Listening-->I just finished an episode of Big Brother. Did you watch it? Is it too early to backdoor? Did Audrey really need to get to everyone in the middle of the night?!

Loveing--> So I mentioned some time last year about my weight loss and fitness journey. I've been on the struggle bus people. I was doing SOOO well but recently I've gained a little weight. I'm hoping some was muscle but I'm betting most of it was not. I didn't gain a ton but I am taking it very badly. I've been great with my kickboxing workouts but I'd be lying if I didn't say I haven't reincorporated some sweets. I mean...c'mon free goodies were everywhere at school in May. EVERYWHERE!

So I'm recently back on the My Fitness Pal and trying to make good choices. That said I still have some sweet tooth cravings. Enter Quest Bars! They're my favorite protein bar (and I've tried quite a few)
My favorite flavor!
I also have to remember that even though I've had a bit of a backslide I'm no where near where I began.
I haven't had the nerve to share a before/after on fb. On the left is a few years ago NYE I think and on the right is the other day after I went jogging. 
Thinking--> I absolutely love having time to myself and to reenergize during the summer. I love it. I know that we all do professional development, Pin a ton of ideas, blog/read blogs, IG or IG stalk, attend meet-ups, take classes and do so much during the summer that most people never consider. But I'd be lying if I didn't throw in as much relaxation and fun as possible. Right?! Saturday I'm hanging with some friends that I haven't seen a while and we'll be doing some imbibing, lol. (yeah I get that that is weird after my above comment but I'll be mindful) And then Saturday night I want to go and photograph some fireworks. I've been trying to get better w/ my Nikon skills. I practiced the other night.

Wanting--> Froyo! My true vice. And it's not that froyo is that bad....but I love to load it with melted peanut butter. Just thinking about it made me gain a pound, lol. 

a google image from my favorite local place. Yum
Needing--> A shower! I didn't go to my regular workout class today. I decided to go for a run. (okay I'm slow and can't go too far so maybe a jog) and then I went on a bike ride. I haven't showered yet and needless to say I am not April fresh.

All Star--> I joke around and I talk a lot but I'm actually a pretty good listener. I remember what is said and when wanted I try to offer thoughtful advice. I can also keep a secret. I'm often a sounding board for friends/family. 

Okay. Your turn! Go link up. 

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MrsDecatursLittleGators said...

Froyo sounds amazing with this heat! I have a sweet little yogurt shop at the end of my street, the struggle to not stop every SINGLE day is real.

Two Nutty Teachers said...

I can totally relate about trying to eat healthier. I need to get back on My Fitness Pal! I am going to have to try out these Quest Bars! Have fun on Saturday!

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