Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We're down to 24 days left in my district. Shame they're the craziest 24 days of the year! So much to do. So much I want to teach before they become second graders. So many fun things I want to fit in. So much cleaning will need to be done. Sigh. Ah well, we'll get through it.

This week we're practicing dipthongs. In what other profession do you get to say that?! Our spelling pattern this week is oy and oi. We've done vowel games before and one of the quick and easies was "Four in a Row". I feel this gives them reading practice with the spelling pattern without only using those 10 words and they have fun. You always have to sneak in the learning. (Muahhaha lol)

Click on the game board to download.

You'll need to make dice (or a spinner or alternate rules). I got the idea to create the dice after seeing another oy oi game on Pinterest. I was originally making the dice to play that game and then I decided to do a Four in a Row. Here are the dice I made. (I made one die for each group)

#YouMightBeAFirstGrader if during calendar you do the math to figure out how many days are left and you yell out "I wish there were 200 days of school!"

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