Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Story Map labels

While pinning the night away on Pinterest I ran across this story map worksheet and teacher version of a Story Map. (click image to take you to the blog of the creator) I really really liked the layout. Now, if you go to Pinterest and search for "Story Map" you'll find tons of great ideas but I thought this would be good for my firsties. Lucky for me the blog creator did a great job and it was a freebie. I'm going to make my teacher version tomorrow and even though I'm the teacher I don't always care for my handwriting, especially on something I may laminate. I decided I wanted some cute labels to jazz it up. So, since the lovely blogger from Funky First Grade Fun shared this as freebie I thought I'd do the same with my labels.

As you know I'm still new to the blogosphere and I haven't figured out how to embed a Google doc. I did see an article but I haven't practiced yet. So, please feel free to check out my TpT store to download my labels.(Click on the image to download)

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Pam M. said...

I think these are awesome. I am planning on doing Interactive Notebooks with my students. I'm going to use these labels to review parts of a story. I might even have them create a foldable to put the labels on when we read stories.

Miss Cosby said...

Ooh, I'll be excited to see how your projects turn out. Glad you could use these. :)

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