Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Fancy Nancy?!

So, I absolutely positively love Fancy Nancy books. I discovered these gems about three years ago and I was hooked!

Some of my Fancy Nancy Collection

I loved them so much and overly acted so excited to read them to my students that I had a girl actually go as Fancy Nancy for Halloween. She even had the stuffed Frenchy doll! It was toooo cute for words. I still get thrilled to read those books and I'm happy that they've caught on and that there are more to choose from. April is poetry month so we're introducing using 'spicy' interesting words.My friend Fancy Nancy is perfect for this. I created a little word book to write down our interesting words. You can download a copy of it here for free.
Fancy Nancy Word Book    
So, each day we're going to read a different Fancy Nancy book and discuss the new and exciting words we learned from Nancy. We'll write the regular word and the new fancy word we learned. Then, we choose our favorite fancy word to write a fancy sentence.

When they finished they got to color the Nancy. Even the boys in my room, well many of them, were making her dress fancy. A lot of them colored it lavender because we learned that lavender is Nancy's favorite color and that it is a fancy word for light purple. The books do a great job about pointing out that a word is fancy and telling us the meaning. There's evening a little glossary in the back to review them. They're great.

I'm also doing a mini-bulletin board. If this week of Fancy Words goes well I'm totally going amp it up next year and make a super fancy glammed up board. We'll call this my beginner board.

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