Saturday, June 2, 2012

Schools out for summer!

I kinda hope that that song started playing in your head.

Thursday was our last student day. So sad to see that group of kiddos move on. It's always great though to see them on their first day of second grade. Friday was a teacher work day and records day. I put everything away. Everything I'd been stacking in piles, promising to file later, and move around was accomplished. While I'm certainly not ready for August I feel a bit more organized for when I go back in to get things ready.

As for today, it's my official first day of break and it's absolutely lovely outside.

How did you spend your first week away from school?

Oh, and in honor of my last day I'm having a TpT sale this weekend, 15% off through Sunday evening. Some nice units and as always some great freebies.

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