Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Classroom Supply Labels

I was pinning on Pinterest this afternoon and I saw these adorable labels for pencil cups. I saw it quite a few times and I would click to go to the site from which it originated. It never linked to the item and I didn't want to keep hunting. I decided to make my own and you know what...I'm kinda in like with them. I'm going to print, laminate, and tape these to my supply bins/cups.

In my classroom I have tons of pencils and have no problem sharing them however I have the kids trade in their dull pencil for a sharpened one. This cuts down on my pencils disappearing so quickly and finding hoards of dull pencils in the back of their desks. I then sharpen their pencils and they end up in the borrow cup. I also put found pencils in the trade in cup. Click here to download them from my TpT store.

Graphics from DreamLike Magic

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Janine said...

I am your newest follower and I just love these! Thank you for the freebie. Come visit me!


Kristen Smith said...

cute, cute, cute!! :)

A Day in First Grade

evmiles said...

Thank you.

Summer Daniels said...
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Mrs. Duncan said...

I clicked on the link and the TpT website said this page doesn't exist. :(

Miss Cosby said...

Link fixed! (I had to relist it on TpT)

Haley said...

Haha yeah! I definitely got some funny looks...and they have the big rod in their baskets so you can't taking them out of the store. Getting all of that to my car without a basket was pretty tricky! :)

Your labels are adorable! Thanks so much for the freebie!!!!!!!

Mrs. Reed said...

I love the labels!
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Miss Cosby said...

Thanks so much!

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