Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo bomb

Hello blogland. So yesterday was not a good day for say the least I felt ick. I do feel a lot better today which is good because I had an appointment to get 4 shiny new tires for my car. Who doesn't love car maintenance? I mean I should feel fine about dropping that dinero for something that I use nearly every day and keeps me safe when maintained, right?? No...instead of thought of gadgets and pretty purses I would've rather bought. Just me, I'm sure. Well the tire place was on the other side of town so after my appointment I decided to go check out The Container Store. It was so neat. It made me want to organize my closet. It made me want to organize your closet.

It was my first time there and I didn't actually buy much (though that little devil on my shoulder almost talked me into a lot more)

 I got this to carry my lunch in. It's one cube but you open it and you can put something sandwich sized on one side and the other you can put chips, fruit, crackers, (or tiny containers of stuff). Kinda neat. :)

This neat thing (can you tell I like pink?) you can store cereal in. The top is where you put your dry cereal and the bottom is where you put your milk. The bottom is one of those containers like a freeze glass. You put it in the fridge and it'll keep your milk chilled. Now, I can bring cereal to school in the mornings and not worry about your cereal getting smushy.


I also got some hooks to hang stuff and a spaghetti holder but they weren't fancy.

Now for some cool stuff I saw and was uber tempted to throw in my cart!

These are the coolest paper clips EVER.
These stiff bag containers with adorable animals on them.
These apple containers. (A bit smaller than a bowling ball) The top of the apple opens and you can store goodies inside...this was in my cart for a bit.
Trash cans! They made trash cans fun.
Need to store Legos? Store them in a Lego head or a Lego shaped container.


AAAAAND When I got home I saw that my copy of the Daily 5 arrived. A pretty good day. :)



I think I'll see if the office supply store can spiral bind my book for me...then the highlighter, pack of post-its, and I have a date.


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~DeAnne~ said...

I have the cereal container and love it. I originally got it for my daughter in case we ran late some mornings, she could eat in my room. It has since become mine, as I love taking cereal for my lunch! :)

First Grade and Fabulous

Miss Cosby said...

I'm kinda excited to use it. No more soggy cereal! Also, cereal for lunch sounds awesome. Glad to hear a good product review, too!


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