Saturday, July 21, 2012

Math Journals

My school adopted Singapore Math about two years ago. We use a version of it anyway. Last year I started math journals but they were sparsely used. The kids did like them. I'd print the prompt and they'd cut and glue it into their journals. This year I'm creating my own. I just finished the first set. The first set of problems is 25 journal prompts (two of which are templates where you can create your own things). This will last me a while as I went through the first few chapters to refresh my memory to make them. I'm going to see how these go with the kiddos and I'll modify them if needed. I'll be working on the second set very soon...but it starts with subtraction and I want a math break, haha.

So, here is a preview and if you'd like to get your own copy check out my TpT store.

Oh, first comment (with an email address) gets it as a freebie!!!

I'm off to IKEA today. I'm going to be  on the lookout for classroom items and I'm sure I"ll find one or two things for me :)

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Lisa R. said...

This looks fabulous!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Tammy said...

Me Me Me am I first??? I am never first!

First Grade @ Storybook Cafe

Tammy said...

Oh I Love the name of your blog! I am a new follower.

First Grade @ Storybook Cafe

Micheal said...

I really like this! We use journals during math class but it can get out of control at times.

Donalyn said...

Great idea! I have been looking for journal pages to use with my kids. Your work is great. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Miss Cosby said...

Congrats! I'll be emailing you soon.

Miss Cosby said...

So so close! I'll probably be doing the same thing for Set 2 when I finish it.

And thanks so much for following me!!

Miss Cosby said...

I'm hoping to do these often and establish a routine do hopefully thing don't get unruly.

Keep an eye out for set 2 and check out my TpT store.

Miss Cosby said...

Thanks so much. Is your first name Donalyn, that's so cute. Check out my TpT store and keep an eye out for set 2 on my blog.

Miss Cosby said...

Okay, looks like I had a problem with my blogger app! D'oh.

Congrats to Lisa R. I'll email you soon.

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