Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Pinning It...

Happy Friday! Here is my weekly "Just Pinning It"

1. Anecdotal Note Taking
Clip a sheet of address labels to a clipboard and write notes throughout the day on the labels. At the end of the day add the label to a students anecdotal notes folder/index card/record etc. This is awesome because I reallllllly try to remember these things but never remember them all at the end of the day. You can date them or color code them and save them for their records or for parent conference. 

2. Bulletin Board Background
This year I was going to switch to fabric for a bulletin board of mine. Some of it is kinda costly. I saw this nifty pin about using a cheap flat bed sheet. I plan on making a trip to Walmart and scoping out the color selection!

3.Slap It! Word Game
Use Word Wall Words (or spelling or vocab words or dolch words or fry words). Have kids cut them out and put them on their desks. The teacher calls out a word and the first kiddo to slap it gets that word. Good word work practice.

4.Word Work Freebie (original pin)
These are "I can" cards for word work. Cute. Free. Printable
(original source found here)


Similar to Wordle but way more options! I think it'd be neat to type in my class list and make one with my kiddos' names

Similar to Wordle, only with more options.

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