Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF) Packet

Though I am weeks away from doing those awful  lovely standardized assessments with my firsties I thought I'd be proactive and be prepared. One thing that we test for at the beginning of the year is Nonsense Word Fluency. Basically the kids read CVC words that are make-believe. They get a point for each correct sound and are scored on how many they actually read as words, too. We do this test (among with others) three times a year and the benchmarks increase each time. The first time I try not to practice any of the skills so the scores I receive really reflect their level upon entering first grade.

Once assessment time is over I look at the data and go from there. So, I've created 3 NWF games for my kiddos to practice during center time. Some practice reading the words and one of them is set to practice at differentiating between real and nonsense words.
BTW It is way harder making up nonsense words than you think! haha.
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How to play:
(2-4 players)
Each player will choose a card. The player will need to read the
nonsense word correctly. If s/he reads it correctly they get to keep the card. If it is read incorrectly it goes back into the pile. If a
student draws an ‘X’ card then they lose all of their cards. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.
· When an ‘X’ is draw students lose all of their card but the cards may be put back into the draw pile
· When an ‘X’ is drawn it may be set aside or returned to the draw pile for prolonged play
Sample of Nonsense Words

Real or Make-Believe
How to play:
(1-2 players)
Roll dice and write the word on the recording sheet under the
correct heading.
When playing a 2 player game players (or teacher) may decide if the winner has made the most make-believe words or real words.
Recording Sheet for Game

Trash Digging for Nonsense
How to play:
(1-2 players)
Players take turns picking a piece of ‘trash’ from the trashcan.
The player must correctly read the CVC word and identify it as real or nonsense (make-believe) and place it on their mat.
The player with the most nonsense words at the end of the game is the winner.
Beware...if you draw the trashcan card you LOSE all of your
nonsense words!!!
 Tip: You may want to crumple the words to make them look like real trash!
Card Sorting Mat

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Just found and followed your blog! So cute! If you don't win the easi-speak, I'm giving one away in a about a week.

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