Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Jitters

I'm finding out in blogland that we all go to school at very different times. I went back Monday and the kids came back Tuesday.

Even though I'm back in school this linky was too cute to pass up.

Back to School Jitters Linky Party

I found this cute linky here
KinderKids Fun

And it was hosted by
A Turn To Learn

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Rikki said...

I agree it's hard to remember all there names. I always end up calling kids the wrong name for the first couple of weeks. I always have one or two kids that remind me of one of the students I had before. :)
The Hive

Ms. Jessica said...

I'm also super excited for the blank slate! I love the wonders of a new school year!

Thanks for linking up!

A Turn to Learn

Blooming inFirst said...

Good luck with Daily 5. I may try a bit too. Have a great school year! I'm new to teacher blogging, stop by and say hi! :)

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