Friday, August 10, 2012

BTS Sale

I have zero more weeks until I go back!!!! Ahhh! On Monday we have meetings, last few hours or prep, and then Open House...and if I'm being honest an hour or two after Open House to re-tidy up the room.

TpT is having their Back to School sale Sunday and Monday (August 12-13th). I have sooooo many items in my Wishlist people...near 40 of them. Wowza. I'm also throwing a sale in my TpT store so the savings are going to be crazy.
Graphics from DreamLike Magic
In addition to my BTS freebies here are some items you may like
Beginning to End of Year Comparison
Behavior Management featuring Clip Chart
Math Journal Prompts

3 Nonsense Word Games
5 sets of Fry Words

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