Saturday, August 18, 2012

One week under my belt

Monday evening was our Open House. I had 100% participation! I got to meet each student and talk with them a little bit and tell them about our class. I got to meet with the parents too and since we did Open House before school started I didn't have a dozen mini-conferences about progress going on.

Don't hate me...please don't hate me...but I have 15 kiddos. It's crazy! I feel like I've had a bunch of absent students every day. The kicker is I'll get all the move-ins and that is always scary because it's the unknown. I'm sure I'll have a make-it-work moment. (A-la Tim Gunn, haha)

You know what...I'm not sure if it's because of my small class size, or if they're a pretty good group, or because this is my 6th year of teaching (which I had to totally think about other day) but this was the smoothest beginning of the year ever. I had the normal bts jitters and we're completely working on procedures, raising our hand, and the usual but I feel like it's been smooth.

I also started Daily 5. We're doing Read to Self right now. I did the intro and all. Here is my  anchor chart.

I know it's not fancy, I know this. But it's practical. I'll work on pretty next time (You know I have tons of pink post-its!) I wanted to use post-its so that each day when I revisit the chart with the class we can sort the duties. They're really good at knowing who has which jobs now and I really think it's helped firm my expectations during Read to self.

We're trying new spots around the room each day. I brought out my wiggle cushions as  an option and they were a hit. These are great for squirmy kiddos. I had a great parent donate them to my classroom a few years ago. 

Here are my book boxes. I got the white cardboard ones from IKEA. A coworker told me that they've stopped selling them. Say it isn't so! Aside from those jazzy numbers they're kinda boring. Maybe I'll break out the scrapbook paper and Modge Podge? Or maybe I can let them decorate it and send them home at the end of the year? Suggestions?
We've built our stamina up to 5 minutes...I do not think they're all reading their books but they are genuinely practicing their routines and I do see many reading or at least picture reading their books. I'm going to have tons of Daily 5 questions for all of you!

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Robin Bryant said...

I just bought some from Ikea. I think they may be a bit thinner. However when I bought them last month they were 17.99 for the case of 25. WOW they jumped up in price!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

Ok, I hate you - not really but only 15 babes. I have 29 this year and I am dying. I am only getting half of what I have planned for the day. Have fun


Miss Cosby said...

@Robin Wow! I got 25 for $10.

Miss Cosby said...

I had 27 a few years ago... It was rough. Luckily I got a part-time aide. Good luck this year.

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