Sunday, August 12, 2012


School starts tomorrow...well at least meetings (early ones!) and Open House. Then on Tuesday I can resume a normal staying up/sleeping schedule. It'll be a system shock but I need a routine.


In first grade we do a few weeks of kindergarten review. Shortly after that we introduce the kiddos (and parents) to spelling...and practice tests....and real tests. My school uses (and loves) Spelling City. You can do some great games and make printables. I <3 the handwriting one. I'd make the handwriting one a morning work assignment, usually on Wednesdays. By May the kiddos were tired of doing it and I was tired of grading work that I knew wasn't their personal best.

I came up with a fun activity so they'd still practice writing their words but there was a math component to it...and some variety for us all.
  1. Grab a spelling list
  2. Grab 2 dice 
  3. Roll the dice and find the sum
  4. Write the spelling word that many times
Some kids were much luckier when it came to rolling small numbers than others. It helped not only with spelling but since teachers are sneaky they were practicing counting/adding as well.

I made a template for the beginning of the year using only 1 die. The backside has words 6-10.
I've put both version of this game (1 die and 2 dice versions) into a small spelling packet I've made.
It also includes:

This page (which is two-sided) is to have the kiddos sort their words by the beginning letter. 

This page was created to help kiddos with sorting their words as well. However, they won't solely by beginning letter. Just like in a dictionary they'll sort by guide letters. 
This is one of the five templates of the heading a spelling test portion. It slowly scaffolds the students into learning and remembering the steps of heading a spelling test paper. I've created it to replicate the paper I use including the blanks at the bottom for when I introduce sentences.

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Happy Shopping! I put a big dent in my Wishlist.

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