Monday, August 20, 2012

Who has two thumbs and is blog hoppin' this week? This girl!

Ummm... a blog hop. Of course I'm in. It doesn't hurt that it gives me some blogging topics. I swear I'm soooo tired. I'm glad I worked on some units this summer.

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' this week. Hop on over & check it out.

Some of my must-haves:
1. My morning caffeine. A few years ago I quit caffeine and then pop...I did really well for a long time. Last year, for some reason, I fell off the caffeine wagon.Oh how I missed the tingly carbonation bubbling over my tongue. Well, now I can't seem to kick the habit.

2. My ceiling projector & writing pad. No...I do not have a document camera or a SmartBoard...sniffle sniffle. I do however have a projector (like an at-home-theater). It's hooked up to my computer and I display whatever is on my computer. It also comes with a writing pad and a OneNote program where I can write and it shows on the screen. It's nice to walk around the room with my writing pad and not have to worry about cords.

3. Pinterest I swear I use this as a teacher search engine

4. Whiteboards Each kid keeps one in their desk. This a great way for me to make sure everyone is actively involved and I can gauge understanding quickly.

5. A good planner This can be any planner. As long as it keeps you organized and on task. I make my own plan pages and found some cute *free* binder downloads to make it look spiffy and add some organizational tabs.

6. Online Gradebook (I swear I was going to stop at 5 things!) Since I've graduated college I haven't used a paper-pencil grade book. Now, I do understand the pros to one. However, I prefer a digital grade book (it's what my district uses but otherwise I'd invest in one). I love so many things about it...especially that it calculates my grades.

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Kate said...

Online grade books are great! So great reading your must-haves!

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