Monday, September 17, 2012

Behavior Management Linky!

I can't turn down a good linky party! (Even if I'm fashionably late sometimes.)

Based on my teaching experiences and the multitude of classroom exposure I received during college and post graduation (a lot of subbing and long-term leaves) I have been fortunate to see so many classroom management plans in action. It is one thing to read it online but I was lucky enough to see them in action. I used card flips up until last year. It was effective but after having a very challenging year with 27 firsties I wanted something new. (I really feel like I had to say "Flip Your Card" a lot to that group)

I found a few choices online and I really liked the clip chart. It had consequences and the physical act of moving a clip down gave a visual and kinesthetic reminder. It also focused on good behaviors, too. I used it last year, with an awesome class, and it was great. I'm doing it this year and so far so good but I can see how this wouldn't work with every class.

My Clip Chart
When kiddos make it to the top of my clip chart, "Role Model",  they get a little jewel on their clip...which they love. This year they also get to go to my DumDum plant and get a sucker.
My DumDum plant
To check out my packet on TpT and the great feed back I received click here
Well, when I was blog hopping I found not only this awesome linky but I read the lastest post from Mrs. Stanford and she just happened to be blogging about this very topic. Awesome! She blogged about something new (to me) called ClassDojo. She did a great video on it and that video explains it better than I can. However, I might use it to record where the kiddos end up on my clip chart. This way I can print reports and track behavior patterns. You can edit the categories and reward or subtract points. (How cool would this be on your SmartBoard?!)

My edited categories on Dojo

I'm always looking for new ideas and systems. Link up an share your ideas!

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Rachelle said...

Whatever this class Dojo is... I NEED IT NOW!!! :) Totally looking into it!!

Thanks for linking up!
-Rachelle {& Natalie}
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Amy J said...

Hmm...I'm intrigued by DOJO! I'm heading to check it out! :)


Rikki said...

I'm curious too. What is DOJO? I guess I'll go check it out.
The Hive

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