Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Math Centers (and a freebie)

September is fun. The weather cools down a bit, cool colors appear in nature, and Johnny Appleseed units are fun...but really it's just a stepping stone to October for me. I love the seasonal and spooky ideas and decorations. I've created some math centers to use during October for my groups.

I really wish I could share some pictures of the finished products but we're waiting on laminating film at my that's put up a road block for me. I think I see a personal laminator in my future. (I just needed an excuse people, they're nifty!)

  • Practice time to the hour and half hour
  • Doubles addition facts
  • Number sequencing
  • Dice addition
  • Odd and Evens
  • Most of the centers come with a follow-up worksheet that can be used to assess mastery or used as an independent assignment.
Click here to check this out in my TpT store

Oh and here's a freebie with a Halloween theme:

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This looks great!
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