Monday, September 10, 2012

Rotation Organization

I am building stamina with my firsties. I really wish I could say we were consistent and I did it the name suggests. We are up to 10 minutes in Read to Self and today we try for 9 or 10 in Read to Someone. (I'm pausing them at 10 for a while) I'm excited. They're really getting the procedures down and since we've started actual reading instruction and not just kindergarten review many of them are reading what they can. I will start rotations soon and I found some super cute rotation visuals for the kiddos for grouping. I found pocket chart inserts, clip chart posters, and a few other ideas. Well, these were cute...I even saved some and printed one of them. I practiced the other day with a few rotations to get them into the swing of things. It was difficult since they were back to back. I've since though of a few ideas to make them smoother. One of the ideas I thought of was a timed powerpoint. (This was totally my fave because I didn't have to watch a clock or set a timer) Watch the video below to see how I practiced rotations for our second go around. (I plan to make it pretty and add some cool effects soon...but for now...bare minimum)

Oh, and while I have you...have you used the Storia app?! Amaze. I'll post more about it later.

**I've uploaded the most bare bones template of this to my TpT store for free. Feel free to use it as a starting point. If you decide to do this please leave a comment here or on the YouTube video and a link for me to check it out!**

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carriebeez said...

genius idea! I'm starting the D5 this week, and still haven't been able to figure out how to deal with the rotation. I'm totally going to try this. Thanks for sharing!

Carrie :)
The First Grade Derby

Kim Schoeler said...

This is EXCELLENT!! Thank you for sharing!

Mrs. McElhinney said...

Thank you I have done it several ways and I hope this works better. I have done a check off chart for each round. I try to have them move cards but they have too many in one center, etc. My question. Do you retype every night where they go and if it is on the first slide will the power point automatically move the names over one station each time or do you have to do that?

Miss Cosby said...

You're welcome! I'm excited to make it look pretty and add fun transitions.

@Mrs. McElhinney
I do not retype nightly where they go. Since I'm doing the Daily 5 the rotations would be set. However, if you have different stations you could just insert a different picture. If you can't find a clip art pic that goes with it use your camera phone or digital camera to take a picture.

You either have to move the names over (just click the text box and physically move it) or if you're more familiar with PowerPoint you can add an effect that moves it to a specific spot. Either way, you'll have to move (or retype but that'd take longer) the names but you can save your slideshow and not have to do the tedious part again.

Hope that helps. If not let me know and I can make a quickie video on making the PowerPoint.

Veronica Porche said...

BRILLIANT!!!! Thanks for sharing...

michaelshoney said...

Oh wow! This is really great. I think though that I will add a 2 minute warning that the center will be done. I think that will get them more prepared to move. Thanks so much!

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