Friday, September 14, 2012

Storia app and free ebook downloads!

So the other day when I posted about my faboo (if I do say so myself) PowerPoint idea for rotating stations/centers I mentioned #Storia. Have you used it?

Like many of you I send home a Scholastic book order. (POINTS!!!!) I send home the grade level one and sometimes I send home "Click" the technology one with games and techy things to order. I also encourage my parents to order online. I mean, they get free book coupons, I get free book coupons, and I don't have to deal with those messy checks.

Now Scholastic has an app (and a download for the computer) to get books directly to your device! Best of all teacher now and get a total of 10 free books. The books do vary in levels, but c'mon...if it's free it's for me. (haha)

I have the app on my iPad but I'm going to ask our tech lady at work to put it on my student computers so that when I buy Storia books they can read them on the computer. This would be awesome if you have classroom iPads.

  • 10 free books for teachers
  • 5 free books for parents
  • Available as an app or computer download
  • Some books have an interactive feature (indicated by a lightning bolt)
    • audio (story read to the student)
    • questions about story or picture
    •  my book below had the option for an alternate ending
  • Teachers still get points when parents download ebooks (and you don't have to send home a flyer for them to buy them, they can go online to buy more)
  • Free app
  • Need a book last minute...can't go to the store...library doesn't have...ebook to the rescue!
  • Limited (but growing) library of books
  • Cannot download books from the app, must go online to download and then sync to your app (as far as I can tell, please correct me if I'm wrong.
My main screen. You can make bookshelves for your different books.
Some of my *freebie* books
Turning the page on my free apples books
Some stories have the option for an audio reading.
Sorry my pics are all out of is my free seasonal book
In addition to having an audio option some books have interactive features.
Another interactive feature

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Jennifer Reck said...

I love Storia, too! I use it during center time!
Owl Things First!

Carol said...

I can't wait to try this! It will be great for Daily Five.
Still Teaching After All These Years

Fox Glen Ward Relief Society said...

How do you get the extra 5 books. I've downloaded it and logged in yet I only have 5.

Miss Cosby said...

I set up my account at school and downloaded the app in my iPad. Once I verified my *teacher* account ingot the other five. I wasn't under the impression this was a limited time offer. Do you have a teacher account?

Leave me your email if you'd like me to follow up and get back to you.

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