Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Writing & December Preview

I'm loving my November centers. The kiddos are liking them, too. Which is always a plus.

Here are two writing samples from my November Writing & Reading packet.

Yes, the secret ingredient is LOVE. lol

With some tweaks (definitely the time and temp) this could be good. Right?

And a preview of some Christmas crafts I've done (and will do again!) Click the picture to make it larger.

Hint...I kinda love gingerbread men....

This was my favorite bulletin board I've ever made!

The kiddos were so creative. I do show them an example and send a note home to talk about the different unique types of materials they can use. When they bring it back on Monday they do a quick show-and-tell and get a candy cane.

These smell cinnamony for years to come. Here is a link of one of the recipes I've used. It's trial and error sometimes.
The type of paint I use for the ornaments.

Permission to Pin!
I have a few my craftivities from last year that I'll be sharing between now and December. (Teachers have to plan in advance!!)

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Mrs. Griffith said...

I LOVE gingerbread also! We have a whole week set aside to show our sweet love for the gingerbread! Love your hallway display!

For the Love of First Grade

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