Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's all about the money---money

I'm not sure about your math programs but we don't officially learn about money until almost the end of the year...if you're moving through at a good pace. This was a big problem but my co-teacher and I do money during our calendar time each day and during our math binder time.

Each week we give a vocabulary test over high-frequency words found within our reading stories that week. This test is just for fluency not definition. We do practice stuff during the week and the kids do well.

I decided to make a weekly money 'vocab' test. The kiddos will go through and name the coins, their value, or heads/tails (depending on what you're looking for) So even though it's 18 tests you could triple that by asking for different things.

Click here to get it on TpT

You'll get 18 pages with printable weekly tests. You'll get a set of flashcards to use to practice coin names and amounts.

This is the first coin identification test in the set

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Kate said...

What a great resource for first grade! I bet those will get snatched up fast!! :) Nice job!!

Second Grade Sparkle

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