Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Trail Mix

I was doing some blog reading and I came to Primary Inspired on my list. It was all about "Pinspired Plans--Valentine's Day." One of the neat things she mentioned was a Valentine Trail mix. I though this was super neat. I was looking for something for us to do that was pretty easy, fun/yummy, and well.....those were pretty much my criteria.

Here is the picture she posted that caught my eye. (It's a picture for yet another blog)
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I really want to make this in my room this week, and it's going to be short-notice for the parents, so I typed up this little ditty to send home tomorrow. If you plan on using it I left the space blank for when you want your items back. Even though Valentine's Day is Thursday we'll be celebrating Friday.

click to download

I uploaded this to my DropBox account and created a link to share it. If you'd like to get a Dropbox account (I use mine at home, work, on my iPad, and smartphone!) copy & paste the link below and we can both get extra storage space!

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Mrs Cupcake said...

Mmm, that trail mix looks yummy!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Busy Bees said...

Awesome looking trail mix...gonna have to add that to my to do list!

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