Friday, March 29, 2013

Freebie & Five for Friday

Couldn't figure how to get this in the title just right....
"5 Make You Fall in Love With Me" ohh Brian McKnight


Here's my 5 for Friday

1. Teacher's Pick App
I bought the app I pinned the other day. I have a bag of popsicle sticks in my desk that I'll use to pick helpers, volunteers, readers, etc randomly. I don't put their names on them I just number them so I can use them every year.
Here are some screen capture of the app.  I will say that the pic on the bottom left is on purpose. I bought the 99cent version instead of the $1.99 version for iPad...but on the iPad you can buy iPhone apps and then enlarge them to fit the screen. 

2. We got some snow on the first day of my 6+ inches. I probably would've had a snow day. We took advantage of the yucky weather and may have napped a bit that afternoon.

3. One of my goals this week was to do lunch with a friend. And I did just that! We also went to a local spa and I got a manicure and my first facial. It was a girly pampering day and a little treat to myself.  Creme Brûlée French toast!!

4. I did promise a freebie! 
I posted one freebie the other day if you want to check it out click here. I did go into school one day this week to get some stuff done. When we come back on Monday we're going to hit the ground running. In math my firsties are going to start double digit addition and subtraction. (Our math book calls for regrouping too, but we're rearranging some things) I was on my most favorite teacher search engine....Pinterest and I found this 

I'm going to give the kiddos a copy of this and make a larger scale anchor chart. I wanted to make a worksheet that we could do together to practice ones place first because that is a big issue with some kiddos. So I made this where we'll trace the ones in green then add then trace the tens in red then add.
You can get it on TpT for free
5. Oh and by the way.....
I'm having a TpT sale with all of my items 15% off all weekend!! Thank you to my blog, TpT,  FB, and Twitter followers. It's been a great year.

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4 Replies:

VeronicaV said...

Thank you! We are beginning double digits, too!

Julie Marciniak said...

LOVELY week my dear!
Thanks so much for the addition freebie! I will use that when we get back from break.
Happy Easter,
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

Peggy Beavers said...

I keep worms and feed them and have great compost. The worms are going to school with me before the end of my year. Vermicomposting worms is easy-peasy. When I have more time this weekend I'd be happy to send you more info. Do you have an email address?

Miss Cosby said...


I would love that. A rep from the county's soil and water conservation is coming to do a mini-worm lesson with us. I'd like to hear more so I can do it next year, too. Thanks.

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