Monday, April 1, 2013

April Currently

It's the first of the month!

I didn't know Farley posted yesterday or I would've been all over it! I'm linking up for the monthly currently. If you'd like to link up or check out other blogs click here .

Listening--> I hear silence. It's golden. * was so quiet I could hear a clock ticking..and I am not a fan of that *

Loving--> Today is my first day back from spring break...yes it's April Fool's Day...and yes it seemed earlier than normal. The kids were in a great mood and so was I. I really missed them and we academically hit the ground running!

Thinking--> Every April we submit our classroom supply order for the upcoming school year. I am a nerd and I love doing this. I color code a spreadsheet! Well, I normally do butterflies in May but this will be my last year...for a while. Next year I think I'm going to do a worm farm. Have any of you done this?

Wanting-->Our stinkin' (pardon my teacher french) laminator is still busted. I am thisclose to getting a personal one. :/ (Okay, bad attitude over!)

Needing--> It is finally getting out of the 30s here in Central Indiana. I think we were caught in some Bermuda Triangle of winter weather that never ended. I would realllllly like it to be a bit warmer so I can wear those Old Navy dresses I got on sale and have been dying to wear...and I'm tired of pants and long sleeves...and coats...

Advice-->This is for bloggers and/or TpT sellers. (I also personally need this advice) Don't hang on the numbers. I started my blog around the same time (or before) some other blogs and I sometimes am sad that they have a 'ton' more followers or comments. I get a little sad when I post something on TpT and it's not as popular as I thought. To myself: Suck it up buttercup. :)  I blog to share ideas and I read blogs to get ideas. I post on TpT to share my ideas and yes make a little extra money...but everything I post I use in my classroom so I'd be making it anyway.  I will admit that I love getting comments and since I love getting them I really try to reply and comment on posts I read.

I posted from freebies over break and if you haven't seen them you can check them out:

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6 Replies:

Miss Cosby said...

I also should say I am very grateful for every follower, every read, and every comment I've received in my first year blogging.

Bridget S said...

I love your freebies!!! That stinks that the laminator is busted!!!

Literacy Without Worksheets

Mrs. L. said...

I need a vacation too and warmer weather. Can't believe we actually had a snow day last Monday! Ugh.

English With Mrs. L.

Kelly said...

Love your Currently & your advice was spot on! It's so hard not to get down about the numbers, but like you said, I have to just suck it up! :) I only put things up that I use myself, so I think that's why we all get a little invested in the numbers. Thanks for sharing!! :)

First Grade Fairytales

*Sorry about the re-post!

tara thompson-ward said...

love silence too... I rarely get it... :) I always have the tv or music on so it doesn't get too quiet.... I hear you on the numbers thing. It's hard not to compare yourself to others! Keep at it - and I'm your newest follower! :)

Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

I caved in and got a personal laminator this school year because our school laminator is still broken. Best decision I ever made! Sometimes I find things just to laminate because I love it so much. Happy to be your newest follower.
Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

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