Sunday, May 19, 2013

End of the Year Craftivity

I know some of you might be out of school already (a teeny tiny bit jealous) but many of us have a few more weeks left. 8 school days for me but who's counting, right?

I'm looking for one final bulletin board craftivity to do with the kiddos. I absolutely love those old suitcases with the stickers of places traveled all over them. That inspired my writing craftivity.

My stickers aren't that great but you get the idea. You can resize them to make them bigger or smaller on your school copier so you can have just a few or TONS. Click on the image to check it out on TpT.

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Liz said...

cute idea!

Cecilia said...


Mrs. Griffith said...

Such a cute end of the year craft!

For the Love of First Grade

kheila dunkerly said...

I just started following your blog! I love the end of the year activity!
Two Friends in First

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