Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday

1. Instagram
I joined. I love seeing all the photos from your classrooms. Follow me at YouMightBeAFirstGrader
So my #5ForFriday will be brought to you by Instagram.
2. Circus Try-Outs
We finished our try-outs on Monday. We have some great hula hoopers this year!
She's a show-boat and keeps doing fancy arms movements during practice. 
3. Literacy in Math
I've mentioned that I'm on a Common Core mapping committee. We were thinking of 'hooks' to begin math lessons. Do you have cross-curriculum ideas for math and reading? One of the teachers talked about these MathStart stories. There are varied levels and we thought they'd be good for introducing a new math chapter/skill.

4. Speaking of Curriculum Mapping
I'm on the math and reading team. (Lucky me, right?) Today I was out of my classroom all day working on reading. There are about 1 million first grade standards so I'm pretty sure we'll never finish our map. Fifth grade told us that they finished....I know we're probably being super detailed but there really are about a million standards.

Anywho. I was at a different school to work on the map. My school is in a rural environment. (I'm the city-girl at school so I pretty much consider it the middle of nowhere) I was 'in town' so I got go out for lunch. This is kind of a big deal for me. There isn't anywhere to drive to (and make it back and eat in time) at my current school. 
My yummy BK salad
5. Mr. Guilty Pants
I don't know why but this is the face Vanilla was giving me this morning when I was getting ready. He was hanging out in his crate on his own. I was never able to figure out why. 

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Sister Secrets said...

Isn't Instagram so fun?! I'm off to find you, :)

Molly said...

Isn't Instagram so fun? I jumped on the bandwagon, too. Love seeing quick peek at everyone's classrooms!

Lucky to Be in First

Tanya Dwyer said...

Seeing all the Instagram pics has been a blast! Will be sure to follow...thanks for sharing!

A+ Firsties

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